Why Play on Bovada Poker?

If you’re a U.S. resident, there are several reasons to play on bovada poker. In a time when the U.S. DOJ ruled that an old law from 1961, the International Wire Act justified the seizure of customer funds held in U.S banks, and then came back and ruled that the Wire Act didn’t apply to poker, U.S. banks don’t want to take any chances with unregulated poker sites. Although there is still technically no law that prohibits online poker, it’s near impossible to find a payment processor that will do business with any poker site sending money to U.S. players. This is where Bovada comes in to save the day.

Not only have they found reliable processors throughout Canada and other areas to make payments to U.S. players, they’ve done it promptly, and reliably. It’s reported that the average day of cash outs on Bovada is 4.5 days! Compare that to other sites that have taken U.S. customers in, but have either delayed cash outs by months (in some cased 10+ months), or failed to pay out all together (see Lock Poker). Bovada has consistently excelled in protecting players money and getting them their cash outs quickly!

Additionally, the player pool on Bovada is filled with sports bettors who like to gamble. For poker players who know what they are doing, this is like shooting fish in a barrel! The competition on bovada is consistently weak, but always willing to try and give their money away. It’s a dream come true for U.S. poker players. Sign-up now and get into the action!

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